Cavallo Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd., located in Verona, Italy, is a well-known European manufacturer and manufacturer of ultra-low nitrogen burners and boilers. With its decades of technology accumulation in the field of thermal energy, the mature product design team and rich R & D experience, products all over the world. In 2017, we established a joint venture company with Beijing Kenuo Boiler to formally enter the Chinese market and serve our customers in China. In 2018, another ultra-low nitrogen burner assembly plant in Jiangsu Province - Jiangsu Cavallo Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. was established.

Cavallo has advanced ultra-low nitrogen boiler and burner production lines, including ultra-low nitrogen integrated burner, ultra-low nitrogen split burner, ultra-low nitrogen surface burn full premix burner, ultra low nitrogen stainless steel Fully condensing boilers, ultra-low nitrogen natural circulation condensing steam boilers, superconducting electric hot water units, etc., all products can achieve nitrogen oxide emissions of less than 30mg.

'Efficient and energy-saving, high-quality service' is the business philosophy that Cavallo of Italy has always been adhering to. According to the different standards of market demand, we can customize the series of products flexibly and quickly, and serve customers all over the world with high performance, high requirements and high specifications.

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