Cavallo ultra-low nitrogen stainless steel all condensing confined hot water boiler

Cavallo ultra-low nitrogen stainless steel all condensing confined hot water boiler

9 big performance characteristics

[1] 316Ti stainless steel heat exchanger: made of 316Ti stainless steel of international standard, it has high heat transfer performance, strong corrosion resistance and a service life of up to 30 years.

[2] full premix burner: Cavallo Cavallo ultra-low nitrogen surface metal fiber full premix burner is adopted. The air and gas are precisely mixed, the combustion is uniform, the generation of NOx is effectively inhibited, and the emission standard of ultra-low NOx < 30mg is achieved.

[3] < 30mg ultra-low emission standard: ultra-low nitrogen condensation environmental protection technology, < 30mg nitrogen oxide emission index, far exceeding the European Union 5-star environmental protection standard.

[4] super quiet at 40 decibels: ultra-low pre-mixed combustion technology, gas and air pre-mixed, burning more fully, ultra-quiet operation.

[5] 109% high thermal efficiency, depth of condensation heat transfer technology, heat transfer performance is stronger, heat quickly, can effectively reduce the flue gas temperature (< 35 ℃), boiler thermal efficiency is as high as 109%, comprehensive energy saving 30% than ordinary boiler.

[6] intelligent controller: equipped with PLC intelligent controller and Siemens control module, the boiler runs more safely, stably, intelligently and efficiently.

[7] ultra-convenient after-sale maintenance: the boiler is designed for large open furnace door, and adopts the outsourcing form of clasp, which is very convenient for installation and disassembly, greatly saving after-sale service time and cost.

[8] long service life: because the boiler smoke temperature is very low, a lot of condensate water will be formed in the heat exchanger, so the heat exchanger and condensate collector are made of international standard stainless steel 316Ti material, super anti-corrosion, extend the service life of the boiler.

[9] low-temperature operation: the boiler can be operated at low temperature to convert steam in the flue gas into heat, absorb a large amount of latent heat of vaporization, save energy consumption and reduce operating costs.

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