Cavallo vacuum phase-change electric water heater

Cavallo vacuum phase-change electric water heater

Performance Characteristics

1. With electricity as the heating source, the electrothermal conversion efficiency is up to 99%;

2. Vacuum negative pressure and micro positive pressure phase change operation, no explosion, rupture and other dangers, safe and reliable;

3. The furnace memory has constant heat media water, there is no risk of dry burning;

4. Advanced vacuum condensation heat transfer technology is adopted to achieve high heat transfer efficiency and effectively reduce operating costs;

5. The small size of the unit makes it easy to transport, arrange and install products. In a narrow space, multiple units can be used in parallel;

6. High quality electric heating tube, durable, long service life;

7. No approval for installation or annual inspection is required;

8. Equipped with intelligent controller and LCD touch screen to realize automatic boiler control;

9. Equipped with multiple interlocking protection devices such as over temperature, over pressure and leakage to ensure safe operation of the boiler;

10. Adopt international well-known brand electrical components to ensure stable and reliable operation of the boiler.

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