Cavallo integrated ultra low nitrogen burner

Cavallo integrated ultra low nitrogen burner

Performance characteristics

SIEMENS flue gas recirculation FGR technology

Adopting SIEMENS flue gas recirculation FGR technology, the 30mg ultra-low nitrogen emission standard can be easily achieved.

SIEMENS/LAMTEC electronic air/fuel proportional control system

Adopting SIEMENS/LAMTEC high-precision electronic air-fuel proportional control system, the system will adjust the burner according to the output required in different working conditions to obtain the best air-fuel ratio, so as to achieve the highest combustion efficiency.

Equipped with international import safety valves

The international safety valve is equipped with more powerful closing spring, with higher safety closing pressure and operating pressure. The powerful closing force enables the valve to remain closed even if there are small impurities in the gas, passing the leak test!

Germany SIEMENS gas valve group

The valve group adopts the method of stabilizing the pressure after the safety valve, so as to ensure that the pressure before the burner load regulation butterfly valve remains stable under the condition of the change of pipeline flow. It improves the regulating performance of burner when running under small load and increases the adjustable of combustion system.

One-piece construction, rotatable hinge for easy installation

The burner adopts a one-piece forming structure, the joint is designed as a rotary hinge, which is convenient for early installation and late maintenance.

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