Cavallo split ultra low nitrogen burner

Cavallo split ultra low nitrogen burner

Performance characteristics

SIEMENS/LAMTEC electronic air/fuel proportional control system

SIEMENS/LAMTEC high-precision electronic air-fuel proportional control system is adopted. Air and gas are adjusted with unit accuracy of 0.1 degree. A high level dual security microprocessing system continuously monitors all control processes against each other to ensure that the software and hardware of the entire system are operating at a SIL3 security level.

Configuration SIEMENS flame detector

The burner is equipped with the internationally renowned brand SIEMENS flame detector, which can monitor the gas flame in real time to ensure the safe operation of the burner.

Germany SIEMENS gas valve group

The valve group adopts the method of stabilizing the pressure after the safety valve, so as to ensure that the pressure before the burner load regulation butterfly valve remains stable under the condition of the change of pipeline flow. It improves the regulating performance of burner when running under small load and increases the adjustable of combustion system.

ABB inverter is adopted for more accurate combustion

ABB inverter is adopted to realize precise ratio control of frequency conversion and high efficiency and energy saving.

30mg ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions

The burner adopts ultra-low nitrogen frequency conversion proportional combustion mode, combined with FGR pipeline with SIEMENS flue gas recycling technology, to easily achieve nitrogen oxide emission less than 30mg.

Cavallo cavano stainless steel FGR piping

The circulating flue gas contains a certain amount of saturated water vapor, which will produce condensed water when cooled. To prevent the condensed water corroding pipeline, the burner is equipped with FGR stainless steel pipeline to extend the service life of the burner and ensure safe operation.

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